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Pope Evolution: Big Bang do not push aside God, who set it in motion 

The Big Bang theory and evolution do not eliminate the existence of God, who remains the one who set all of creation into motion, Pope Francis told his own science academy. And God's existence does not contradict the discoveries of science, he told members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Oct. 27. "When we read the account of creation in Genesis, we risk thinking that God was a magician, complete with a magic wand, able to do everything. .... Read more

INSPIRATION : “From Colombia to Bangladesh, the "madness" of the mission”

From "a human point of view," going on a mission to a distant country "is madness." Even the suffering caused to one parents for the separation makes one wonder if "it is worth it". However, "I know that God makes these sacrifices bear fruit for his work," said Fr Belisario Ciro de Jesus Montoya, 29, a Colombian ..... Read more


Buddhism's challenge to Christian churches 

Christians believe that there is a God, whereas Buddhism has no god. The Buddha pointed the way, whereas Jesus said that he was the way. Christianity promises believers eternal life. Buddhism’s highest state, the state of enlightenment, is freedom from being reborn.
On the other hand, there are compelling similarities. The spirit of compassion, bodhicitta in Sanskrit, is as central to Buddhism as that of love is to Christianity. ....
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Does the church need a new theology of women?

Assistant professor of theology and religious studies at the University of San Diego. (US Catholic via CNUA) Pope Francis himself has stated that the church needs a "new theology of women." But what does that mean, exactly? And who might write it? A traditional Chinese proverb teaches that “women hold up half the sky.” Women also hold up half the church. This truth may have been on Pope Francis’ mind when he told reporters in July 2013, “I think that we haven’t yet come up with a deep theology of the woman in the church.” .... Read more

Pope calls for abolishment of capital punishment, life imprisonment 

Vatican City: Pope Francis called for the abolition of the death penalty as well as life imprisonment, and denounced what he called a "penal populism" that promises to solve society's problems by punishing crime instead of pursuing social justice."It is impossible to imagine that states today cannot make use of another means than capital punishment to defend peoples' lives from an unjust aggressor,". .... Read more

CRI Regional Secretaries Meet

The annual meeting of the CRI Regional Secretaries was held at CRI House, Delhi from October 27-29, 2014. All 13 CRI Regional Secretaries were present. The meeting began with a prayer. ...... Read more

Social work empowers, liberates and enhances wellbeing of the poor

Our missionaries .Sr.Hedwiga and Sr. Aldegondis from Holland did a glorious work during their stay in St. Stanislaus Convent (JMJ Nilayam), Bangalore. We are very glad to say that the seed sown by them is growing steadily ....... Read more

Indian nun’s experience as missionary in Argentina

Sr Rani Amalraj of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux has traveled to the other end of the world to follow her inner voice. She has been working in a substation of a parish in Argentin, after she took seriously what God had told Abraham...Read more

Jesuit Education Association Annual Meet

Jesuit Education Association (JEA) of South Asia had a 3 days meeting at Nav Jeevan Renewal Centre, Delhi. The meeting began on the evening on 22nd October with Holy Eucharist. This Annual meeting of 2014 was significant in many ways...... Read more

Catholic College of Agriculture Opened

Chennai - Don Bosco College of Agriculture, the first Catholic College of Agriculture in India, was inaugurated by the Salesian Provincial Fr. Jayapalan Raphael SDB at Sagayathottam, near Chennai, on 24 October, in the presence ..... Read more


310 Christians "reconverted" to Hinduism with threats

In the district of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, 310 Christians were "reconverted" to Hinduism, according to reports from the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). Tthey say it is an "alarming trend, that must be stopped as soon ........ Read more

7,000 students attend Spiritual conference in Nagaland

More than 7,000 students attended a three-day spiritual conference that ended Sunday in Dimapur, the commercial capital of Nagaland, northeastern India.
“Christianity is easy to preach, but difficult to live,” Ahoto Andrew, co-convener, ...... Read more

Christians attacked in Chhattisgarh

Twelve Christian villagers were injured in central India’s Chhattisgarh state after they were attacked by Hindu fundamentalists, according to a Christian activist. .The villagers were part of a group of 40 Christians who had gathered ....... Read more

Confiscate Nobel Peace Laureate’s prize money: Hindu group

A rightwing Hindu group has accused Kailash Satyarthi, this year’s joint Nobel Peace Prize winner, of being an agent of “Maoist-Christian terrorist alliance” and demanded the confiscation of the prize money.
“He takes children under his wing ....... Read more

Pope Francis encourages Card Zen, "the one who fights with a 'sling'"

Hong Kong - "This is the one who fights with a 'sling'," said the pope when he greeted Hong Kong's Bishop Emeritus Card Joseph Zen Ze-kiun after the beatification Mass of Paul VI, wrote the bishop himself ....... Read more

Pope Emeritus breaks his long silence

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation in February of 2013, he said he would continue to serve the church "through a life dedicated to prayer”. He has made few public appearances since he left office, and has said and written even less....... Read more

“Pray for me, your daughter” Asia Bibi to Pope Francis

Catholic woman condemned to death in Pakistan for allegedly violating the country's blasphemy law has asked Pope Francis for his prayers, saying that she trusts in God’s plan for her life. “Pope Francis, I am your daughter, Asia Bibi. I...... Read more

Muslim leaders worldwide issue stern rebuke to ISIS

More than 100 Muslim leaders -- clerics and laypeople alike -- have signed on to a letter criticizing the Middle East Muslim military group ISIS, short for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In the 17-page letter, the leaders quote extensively from the Quran, ....... Read more

Pope urges activists to struggle against 'structural causes' of poverty

,Pope Francis urged an international gathering of grassroots social activists to struggle against the "structural causes" of poverty and inequality, with a "revolutionary" program drawn from the Gospels. "The poor no longer wait, ....... Read more

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